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From London to Compostela: a Londoner journey to letting go

Born in Romania and raised in Sweden, Tanya moved to London in 2012 to study photography. Four years ago, Tanya wanted to live the big city life. And London delivered. Not too long ago though, Tanya realised she missed nature as she experienced it in Sweden. Although London is famous for its parks, Tanya needed more...


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The castle capital of the world

Magical Christmas in Russia

Relaxing in Spas around the Saxon borders


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Volume 1

The Vol.1 of Unspoken World Magazine called "The Book of London: Diversity". In the current issue, we will show you one of the greatest cities in the whole world - London! Selective and hand-picked interviews, interesting stories and articles, professional art photography - this what is waiting for you inside this issue! Unspoken World is a collectible item of 200 thick & high-quality pages, which are waiting for you to be read and looked at!

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Cook with #UnspokenWorld & discover world cuisines

Trend alert! #Hotcakes

Since ancient times, pancakes have popped up in various forms, in different places. Romans used to eat them, Greeks would enjoy them topped with honey and every culture tried to tailor these flat cakes with whatever was specific in their own culinary traditions. Some things have stayed the same, though, since then until this day: all across the world, pancakes have been cooked with flour, eggs, milk and butter – but today we have hundreds of options to make them eggless, dairy-free and gluten-free. Whichever you might prefer, here are some of the yummiest hotcakes for this winter...


Diaries from different countries

Not “small”, but “compact”. “Not new”, but “modern”. “Not crowded”, but “multinational”.

Not “small”, but “compact”. “Not new”, but “modern”. “Not crowded”, but “multinational”. Perhaps Vilnius combines the above characteristics as no other European city. Its rich diversity of tangible and intangible heritage both portray an exceptional illustration of European capital which evolved in an organic manner over a very long period and keeps evolving...


Travel without a reason

Going to Africa is something else – I highly recommend it – meaning that every day I wish I would die and I’m afraid of dying at the same time, alternating this confusion with trying to hold back tears. Darius is probably now on his way to some great adventure, but he won’t tell. What he did agree to tell, though, was his greatest challenge so far: travelling to Africa on his motorcycle, accompanied by his teddy bear, Pamfil...


Unspoken Summer destinations

Start planning your summer. Time is flying. Fairytale valleys, charming little islands, hiking paradises, mountains meeting lakes on spiritual journeys, cobbled streets, landscaped or wild gardens and fantasy bridges are just a few of our summer destinations in Europe: places carefully selected to inspire your search for a perfectly zen vacation and … a good Instagram story. But hey, who said postcards aren’t in trend anymore? You’ll definitely want to send your friends snaps of these #unspokenworlds.


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The Best Miniature Villages in Europe!

London: an Unusual and Inspiring Map of Hidden Gems

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves — in finding themselves.” - Andre Gide
  • Friday....⠀
"We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey."⠀
John Hope Franklin
  • We traveled across many cities worldwide, and surely many weren't immersed in nature, yet, we always realized just 10/ 20 miles away there was a quiet paradise awaiting our wild inner self!⠀
Manhattan Beach is just an example 🐳
  • Familiar with the position of Yeoman Warder? ⠀
The ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London.⠀
In #TheBookofLondon we interviewed Moira Cameron,  the first woman to ever hold the position! #unspokenworld #toweroflondon
  • Happy #InternationalDayofHappiness everyone!⠀
Remember sunshine has super powers when it comes to happiness hormones!⠀
Yet, did you know that according to the worldhappiness.report, #Finland is the happiest country in the world🇫🇮?
  • Nicola Pozzani, a catalyst for people's ideas and emotions, through fragrance, says “fragrance is the language I bring to people’s minds”. He’s now crafting scents at Floris, the world’s oldest family perfumer.⠀
#mondaymotivation #successstories ⠀
  • Plans for the weekend? Here is a place inhabited by only 284 people, lost in nature, and idyllic. Welcome to Medicine Bow, a town in Carbon County, #Wyoming, #UnitedStates. Literally therapeutical! #tgif
  • There is no definitive history about how the word “barbecue” originated – or why it’s sometimes used as a noun, verb, or adjective. Some say the Spaniards get the credit for the word, derived from their “barbacoa” which is an American-Indian word for the framework of green wood on which foods were placed for cooking over hot coals. Others think the French were responsible. What's your take?
  • There was a time in history in which  Pink Floyd recorded their first album at Abbey Road, London, while in the next studio the Beatles themselves were recording.⠀
History was made.
  • Did you know #Cyprus is well known as Island of Love and Aphrodite's birthplace? ⠀
Millions of tourists go to visit beautiful beaches and comfortable hotels. ⠀
Its 333 days of sunshine are far from being the only reason to visit! More...(on Facebook)
  • It's Monday, so here is a puppy for you...⠀
#bestfriend #mondayblues #purrlove #fluffy #unspokenworld
  • To all of our women followers, we'd like to wish you a very happy #internationalWomensday! ⠀
To all the mothers, daughters, and fighters out there, we love you. ⠀
 #strongwomen #happywomensday #realwomen #successfulwomen #iwd2018
  • #MondayBlues? We feel you. Remember Friday is just 4 days away.⠀
  • Sundays are for explorations and finding your wild side.⠀
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  • Our vision of perfection... ⠀
The #wilderness and a backpack full of books.⠀
Happy #worldbookday everyone.⠀
  • Что такое Лондон - это серость... Серость, дождь и слякоть под ногами... в лужах разлетаются брызги под ногами... Лондон, ты такой, какой уж есть ты... -
А на самом деле, сегодня прошли все сезоны года... и самое удивительное, это снег, валящий хлопьями, а сверху чистое голубое небо над головой... так как серые облака летели с такой скоростью, что снег не успевал за ними и шел «из неоткуда» ❤️